New Version for the Patterns

Hello everyone! How are you?

It’s such a long time ago that I have updated the blog but I have good news. I was busy to make a new version for the patterns and I’m glad that the first one is finished: Umi Ryuuzaki – Sword Pattern.

What is new? This time it has a glue or paste tape edge and cutting edge.

More new versions for the other patterns are coming soon but please enjoy!

By the way did you make something by using my patterns, please send them! ^^


Cosplay Reference: Yuna (Summoner)

Cosplay Reference is a new page/catergory on the Cosplay Patterns website, this one is special made for cosplayers would like to make there own patterns.

  • Obi Design
  • Obi Bow Design
  • Hibiscus Design
  • Skirt Design
  • Summoner Staff

Coloured Cosplay Reference illustrations by Jenangel


Where it all started

I started to make my first pattern in Adobe Illustrator for Fang’s Blades and so I continue on to make patterns for Umi Ryuuzaki’s details and Misa Amane’s Arm Blades.

I know making patterns can be a very hard or difficult and sometimes annoying to make.
Yuna (Summoner) was my very first costume and I used images for Yuna’s Obi, Bow, Hibiscus and Skirt Design but when I printed on the right size, it always got blurry.
So instead going through that same problem as I had when I was making this costume, I made a pattern for you to use and the patterns include:

  • Obi Design
  • Obi Bow Design
  • Hibiscus Design
  • Skirt Design
  • Summoner Staff

You can also use it for Lightning’s Summoner Garb.
Some of them you can use also as a sewing pattern but don’t forget to add some seam allowance.

About Cosplay Patterns

  • All patterns are in A4 size.
  • All downloads in PDF format.
  • Choose the pattern that you need and print it!

More patterns in the future!