Yuna (Summoner)

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Project Description

Cosplay Reference

  • Obi Design
  • Obi Bow Design
  • Hibiscus Design
  • Skirt Design
  • Summoner Staff


Obi Design

Obi Pattern

Tips: You can use the Obi Design, Obi Bow Design and Hibiscus Design pattern as a sewing pattern.
I recommend 1,5 cm seam allowance.

You can paint the Design on your fabric, making applique or embroidery it

Obi Bow Design

Obi Bow Pattern

Hibiscus Design

Hibiscus Design Pattern

Skirt Design

Skirt Design Pattern

Summoner Staff

Summoner Staff Pattern

Tips: Material you can use to make it Plywood, Worbla, Wonderflex or Foam

Foam and Worbla with the famous sandwich methode