Where it all started

I started to make my first pattern in Adobe Illustrator for Fang’s Blades and so I continue on to make patterns for Umi Ryuuzaki’s details and Misa Amane’s Arm Blades.

I know making patterns can be a very hard or difficult and sometimes annoying to make.
Yuna (Summoner) was my very first costume and I used images for Yuna’s Obi, Bow, Hibiscus and Skirt Design but when I printed on the right size, it always got blurry.
So instead going through that same problem as I had when I was making this costume, I made a pattern for you to use and the patterns include:

  • Obi Design
  • Obi Bow Design
  • Hibiscus Design
  • Skirt Design
  • Summoner Staff

You can also use it for Lightning’s Summoner Garb.
Some of them you can use also as a sewing pattern but don’t forget to add some seam allowance.

About Cosplay Patterns

  • All patterns are in A4 size.
  • All downloads in PDF format.
  • Choose the pattern that you need and print it!

More patterns in the future!


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